Brides spend a lot of time and money on their look for the wedding day and yet the final touch remains unfinished without a carefully chosen manicure. You can do all sorts of wedding nail designs to match the theme of your most important day. If plain natural nails aren’t your thing then don’t worry we have got a great variety of wedding nail ideas that are guaranteed a wow on the big day.

We’re talking about all types of options you have for nail designs on the day of your dream wedding. There is an elegant French manicure for a classic English Wedding; there are also elaborate sea life inspired artistic nails for a sea theme wedding. Or you can choose whatever style it is that catches your eye when looking through this blog because this will make planning your bridal look much easier. Just make sure to get your nails done a day or two before the big day.

Let’s look at the 30 best Wedding nail designs to match your Wedding Theme.

1. Classic Wedding Nails

As classic weddings are meant to stand the test of time. These timeless elegant nails will stay special even decades from now.

2. Retro/Vintage Wedding Nails

A perfect manicure to match the romantic backdrop of a vintage wedding. An old-fashioned affair, but one that evokes memories of youth and romance.

3. Modern Minimalist Wedding Nails

Soft solid color nails are perfect to reduce the visual clutter that is the demand of minimalist weddings, be ready to show them off at your simplistic wedding.

4. 50s Wedding Theme Nail Design

The 50s had elaborate weddings with dress codes and all sorts of rules, and you can revive the iconic fashion with these iconic nails.

5. Art deco Theme Wedding Nail Design

These geometric nail designs with brightly colored accents, reminiscent of art deco artwork, will make your special day even more vibrant.

6. Bohemian Wedding Nail Art

These earthly, mythical natural nails should be adorned by every bride for her bohemian wedding.

7. Gothic Wedding Nail Ideas

Look at the creativity, you can easily create a dark and moody gothic look for your wedding with these nails, without doing it too much.

8. DIY Wedding Nail Theme

These easy to do glitter nails can be done in less than 15 minutes and are a perfect match for a DIY project.

9. Under the Sea Theme Wedding Nail Art

What can be better for your sea-themed wedding than these mesmerizing nails? You can make mermaids envious with this adoring nail art.

10. Futuristic Theme Wedding

Time to break the present monotony, this simple pattern of gold and silver nails can embody an easygoing but practical feeling futuristic style.

11. Glamorous Wedding Theme Nail Art With Gemstones

Glam weddings are all about luxury, so include gold and sparkle to tie luxury and boldness in your wedding.

12. Fairytale Wedding Nail Art With Gemstones

To give your theme wedding a dreamland feel and fairytale look, you will need a touch of magic. Try this inspirational nail art to add shimmer and glitter to complete the look.

13. Garden Wedding Nail Ideas

The vibrant nails will match your love for flowers and outdoor style. The perfect pop of color will suit the bouquet of wildflowers and the essence of the ceremony.

14. Winter Land Theme Wedding

In a winter-themed wedding, these simple yet luxurious snowflake nails will go wonderfully with your ceremony.

15. Peacock Theme Wedding Nail Art

A stylish and captivating trend is here in the form of peacock weddings, if you are going with this trend, these colorful nails will do a marvelous job in giving it the final touch.

16. Desert Theme Wedding Nail Ideas

Be inspired by the epic venue and rustic look of the desert theme, these nails adoring succulents and landscape is perfect for the sandy wedding.

17. Sunflower Theme Wedding

Who does not love the vibrant sunflowers? If you are planning a wedding with these flowers, here is a bright nail art design to try with your dress.

18. Theatre Theme Wedding Nail Art

For the love of theatre, you can plan your wedding with drama and musicals. Wear these elaborate theatrical nails on your big day to boost the vibes you are trying to achieve.

19. Hollywood Theme Wedding Nail Art

Hollywood is all about glamour and drama if you are planning a Hollywood-worthy wedding, get these edgy nails to capture your audience’s attention.

20. Harry potter Wedding Nails Design

Years passed since this wizardry series ended but fans still love to recall the world of magic. You must wear these beautiful themed nails to ace the wedding like a pro magician.

21. Disney/Frozen Theme Wedding Design

If you are crazy enough for Disney, we have the best nail design for your Disney-inspired wedding, so you don’t have to look for a manicure perfect for the look of Elsa.

22. Games of Thrones Theme Wedding Nail Art

We have found you most stunning and exciting nail art for your marriage of fire and water, all complete with dragon fire and Ice king.

23. Great Gatsby Theme Wedding Design

The Great Gatsby theme wedding is an elaborate affair of glam and luxury. These fun nails are perfect for celebrating this spectacular novel of its time.

24. Halloween Wedding Nails

These neutral earthy tones and delicate art make this design eerily beautiful nails perfect for a spooky Halloween wedding.

25. Nautical Theme Wedding Nail Design

This one of favorite wedding theme these days demand blue and white decor, so you can add a flavor with these beautiful matching nails to sail to your wedding.

26. Monochrome Theme Wedding Nail Art

Monochromes are here to stay for a while. There is a sea of colors to choose from for your wedding. We have found these beautiful purple nails in case you decide on this royal color for your wedding palette.

27. Geode Theme Wedding Nails

You are going to opt for a geode pattern cake for your theme wedding, lovely. Also, wear these beautiful and vibrant geode pattern nails.

28. Preppy Wedding Nails Theme

Preppy weddings are meant to be simple, but with a personalized touch, you can add a personal touch with pops of color in these vibrant nails.

29. Mirror Theme Wedding Nails

Stand out with these versatile shiny nails for your mirror-themed wedding.

30. Tropical Fiesta Wedding Theme Nails

This vibrant nail art sure gives a Hawaiian feel and the spirit of rainforest bloom, with macaws you are ready till nails for a tropical fiesta wedding.

Hope you found some inspiration for your big day. Let us know what beautiful theme you have chosen. We’ll love to know more.

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Wedding Nails Designs in 2021

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